About US

A conglomerate of businesses transformed into platforms of potential, progress, and prosperity, Alpha Dhabi Holding is striving to become the market leader in all its business verticals, driven by its leadership with an acumen for scaling businesses to success utilizing technology and innovation.

With its fast-growing portfolio in construction, healthcare, hospitality, industries, and investments in promising sectors, ADH is committed to maximizing the performance of its subsidiaries, in addition to unleashing boundless potential with synergized businesses.

Alpha Dhabi Holding is here and ready to place its mark in local and international markets.

Chairman's Message

Alpha Dhabi Holding is engaged in growing into the market’s alpha leader with a portfolio of diverse and fast-growing businesses in construction, healthcare, hospitality, industries and investments.

Our core competencies lie within the geographic expansion of our investments, with which Alpha Dhabi Holding is set to disrupt, challenge and recreate the market and status quo with its results-oriented, technology-driven mindset.

Managing Director and CEO’s Message

Our business model focuses on maximizing the performance of our subsidiaries by implementing technological advancements, and unleashing boundless potential with synergized verticals. With over 10 billion dirhams in paid capital and a workforce exceeding 45,000, Alpha Dhabi Holding is in an ideal position to achieve economic diversity and maximize efficiency by infusing innovative technologies and sustainable solutions that augment the collaboration and performance of verticals and amplify shareholder value.


To augment the collaboration and performance of verticals, and amplify shareholder value by infusing technologies.


To be a conglomerate that elevates businesses with potential to new heights of success, driven by technology, and augmented by synergy.


  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Agility
  • Results-Oriented
  • Social Responsibility
  • Technology-Driven

Executive Management